1.) Glossy color Lips


Exfoliation is key to prevent dry, flaky skin on the lips.


Apply Foundation or concealer 
Adding foundation or concealer aides in the staying power to your lipstick and lip gloss. We recommend you lightly pat your foundation or concealer on top of your lips, swipe the lipstick then gloss over the top! This method will help secure lasting power. 

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2) Flawless Face


To achieve a flawless face first start with clean skin. The hydrate the skin by applying a moisturizer then primer. We recommend using a matt primer for skin that is combination or oily.


Lastly lightly apply to foundation to build your desired coverage. We recommend using a fluffy foundation brush to create a flawless skin finish.

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3. Natural vs Natural Glam Makeup


Natural Makeup would be defined as a fresh or glowing face. The focus would be to create a no makeup look with light contouring, eyeshadow and blush in neutral shades. The look can be finalized with mascara or natural lashes extensions. Add a skin highlight to create a naturally glow. 


Natural Glam looks are similar to natural looks. The focus would be to enhance features by deepening the contour lines to lift the cheekbones and applying a highlighter under the eyes, forehead and chin. To highlight use concealer no more than two shades lighter than your Natural skin color. 


For eye makeup apply a medium to deep matt color in the crease and a shimmer pigment on the eyelid. Lastly apply a wing liner near the lash line to intensify the look.


To finalize, add eyeliner, a soft blush and shimmer highlights along with a whispie or full lash strip.