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2nd Annual Elevation Fashion Show Delivers Passion and Collaboration through Design

The high beams and spotlights illuminated Blue Martini Buckhead on Thursday evening for a night of High Fashion Celebration.

With love and care, Miicon Genteel has officially claimed it's place in Atlanta's Couture Fashion Club. In his Second Annual Fashion Show, Designer Micole Love of Miicon Genteel presented new fall collections in Athleisure and Denim Couture in collaboration with Alani Taylor Co, challenging traditional couture gender forms and streetwear by couture collabs in fashion.

The crowd was constantly stimulated throughout the event with the blue and purple lights accenting the sparkle of Grey Goose Lined Runway. Light bites floated around the room and guests had a chance to enjoy Grey Goose Craft Martinis while networking with other fashion professionals, influencers and business owners. As the room danced in the room over sounds curated by DJ Baby Drew and Richie Schwab aka, "Akuarium,"an energy of gratitude and support filled the room with friends, fans and family present at the fashion show.

First up on the runway was the Athleisure Collection from Miicon Genteel, featuring Legging Sets, sweatsuits and undergarments that will keep you cozy through the cold months. Hardware and Pockets seemed to be a strong focus, a clear signature from Alani Taylor Co along with forms that say urban luxury. Not too baggy but not too tights. These designs are for those that may want to rock a sweatsuit in the club.

Photos by Freddy O Photography

Special guest performances from Sonyae Blue and Kash Doll kept the crowd hooked on the stage to see what was coming next, but the showmanship didn't stop there. Following the two Hip Hop Queens' performances, a Ballet Duo graced the stage for a contemporary vibe shift to prepare the audience for the second collection of the evening.

Photos by Freddy O Photography

Miicon Genteel began making a scene in Fashion with his unique custom Eye Art. Often featuring Animals, Flower and objects casted in gold, silver or platinum, the showstopping shades garnered attention from stars across the country and have been seen on Mimi Faust, Cheyenne Robinson, Kash Doll and more.

Designing from within, Genteel chooses to find strength in his insecurities by channeling them to his designs.

"When I was designing these, I was in my insecure space and I needed something to put how I felt on the inside of myself on my face. So it was hard for me to wear these glasses and that's why I don't sell them because they are really my ticket into every room,, and not everyone can wear these. Especially if you have an Ego," he added.

In the second collection, Challenging the status quo in form to body designs, Miicon Genteel chose to cast muscular male models, placing them in designs that feel like a 70s mood board. Accentuating the body while also giving a draped and regal appearance in the sleeves and bottoms. The Hardware and details of streetwear are also featured in the designs giving the retro influence a remix that feel fresh and futuristic.

Video Courtesy of Becoming Her Magazine

Video Courtesy of Becoming Her Magazine

" I think royalty shoots from my blood, it puts me into my king's space, without having to try or be tried. Its just something that happens," said Miicon Genteel. "When you put it on it just sits you up and makes you feel respected and respectable which is what Genteel means."

Although the event and night belonged to Miicon Genteel, the budding fashion figure left space and gave flowers to his collaborator in design Alani Taylor Co, who assisted in producing, adding details to the garments and even featuring some Alani Taylor x Miicon Genteel Designs.

"Miicon is a genius. Whenever he comes to me with his designs im always blown away by his sketches alone," said Celebrity Designer Timeekah " Murph" Murphy of Alani Taylor Co. "I'm excited to see everything come to life and I'm honored to be be featured in his designs."

Coming off of a dramatic appearance on the Hype, the celebrity designer has been moving and focused on improving her designs and presence in the fashion world. After a successful grand opening of The Lab last year, she is focused on expanding her designs.

Everyone knows I'm in love with jackets. I'm really using AI and taking advantage of it in fashion. I'm just looking forward to getting better and I want people to know that its not just jackets, I'm attacking every genre."

The energy inside Blu Martini was nothing short of an outpouring of love and respect for Miicon Genteel, who is certainly here to stay.


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