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Connie Diiamond "Shoot," now prominently featured on the illustrious NBA2K: Media Day highlights her most recent triumphs

In the heart of Atlanta at the opulent Coco Studios, Connie Diiamond's Media Day unfolded on January 24th, captivating a diverse assembly of media, podcasters, bloggers, content curators, and artists alike. The evening exuded an electrifying atmosphere, highlighting Connie Diiamond's most recent triumph – the release of her new single, "Shoot," now prominently featured on the illustrious NBA2K. This marked a significant milestone, with it being the third time her compositions resonated within the esteemed realms of the basketball video game. The collaboration behind this event was a testament to her prowess, hosted by the Flew Here Grew Here Podcast duo, Shenell Simone and April B, and orchestrated by Def Jam, Route Runna Management, and Media Girls Network.

Amidst the ambiance of CoCo Studios, industry professionals found an exclusive haven to connect and engage. The evening's pinnacle was the opportunity for attendees to personally interview Connie Diamond, adding a bespoke touch to their experience. As guests entered, they were enveloped in the vibrant beats of DJ Baby Drea, setting a lively tone for the night. The event not only promised an intimate meet & greet with the celebrated artist but also unfolded with live sounds, VIP surprises, and an atmosphere rich with creative energy.

During the event, I had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with Connie Diamond, where we explored her collaborations with Remy Ma, delved into the artistic influence of the color blue, and dissected the evocative lyrics of her track, "Ghetto and Ratchet." This intimate discussion offered attendees a profound insight into Connie's creative process and the inspirations that breathe life into her music.

Tailored exclusively for media, DJs, bloggers, podcasters, and content curators, the occasion fostered an environment where meaningful connections could flourish. Be sure to keep an eye on Connie Diiamond through tags like @_conniediiamond, @routeruna804, and @defjam on their social accounts. The evening not only showcased Connie Diamond's musical accomplishments but also provided a nuanced glimpse into the depth and diversity of her artistic prowess.

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