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Sense of Community: 11th Annual Atlanta Turkey Classic

Alright, so picture this – the 11th Atlanta Turkey Classic, curated by the amazing Tia Culver, went down on November 18th at Exchange Park in Decatur, GA. From 4 pm to 7 pm, we had this whole mix of people, all coming together for some positive vibes. Tia Culver was the maestro behind it, not just bringing the entertainment but throwing in a live basket game – Georgia Spartans Vets against the Rookies – keeping it real interesting. It wasn't just a party; we had that sense of community, live sports, and were giving back with turkeys and produce for the holidays – you feel me?

Exchange Park (2771 Columbia Drive Decatur GA) set the scene, giving us this backdrop filled with warmth and gratitude. Big shoutouts to the hosts – Angela Stanton-King, Shar Bates, Tampa Mystic, and @TheUrbansShow. Love the Spin by Milestone 365. The lineup was on point – Dekalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson, @GreenCompanyPictures, @TruFamRadioShow, @BoneyGramm, @lightskinbobby, @calicojonez, @majicatl, and @reecswiney. And let's not forget the Central Dekalb Dynamic Jaguars 6U (@cdj_dynamicjags6u) – they brought that extra flair, making it an experience to remember.

Atlanta Turkey Classic wasn't just about the beats; it was a call for the community to step up. Tia Culver and the Georgia Spartans were making moves, rallying for cash and turkey donations. We were all about spreading love and compassion, fitting right into that holiday season vibe.

Behind the scenes, Tia Culver's game was strong – meticulous planning, flawless coordination. Shoutouts to the crew – @jerellshearin_production, @MontanaWhite100yrs, @dvanteblackmastering, @hiphopgivesback, @theblackgolfclub, @admirationlodge25, and @breakingthechainsat – they took the Atlanta Turkey Classic to a whole new level.

As the sun dipped low over Exchange Park, the 11th #AtlantaTurkeyClassic wasn't just a party; it was a nod to the community and Tia Culver's commitment to throwing events that leave a real, positive mark on everyone who's part of it. It's all about that peace and love, y'all!

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Quadir Thomas
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Oh yes Great work

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