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The Chefner Way : Food as a Language

Last week In The City Magazine caught up with Chef Push following the release of her first television appearance in NYC.

This North Jersey kitchen star has been a part of the success of more than one restaurant - but more importantly she's well known for her own catering company The Chefner Way.

They say it starts at home, and that's exactly how it happened for Chef Push. Placing intention on spreading positive and healing energy through her food was inspired by caring for her mother as a youth. 15 years later, her food has been available around the clock: however, whenever, and executed with perfection every time.

2 AM late night pick up order? Got you.

"The Chefner way, is a satisfaction guaranteed, anytime, anywhere, anything, anyway. And that's what particularly sets me apart from other chefs in the area. Yes, this is my business - but overall this is my passion. Passion doesn't sleep; I'm always open and available to all the things that satisfy my customers and supporters." - Chef Push

Hands on with the opening and training of the kitchen at Kalahari Resorts in PA, and always on the scene as a vendor in kitchens & events across the tristate - Chef Push is ready to expand in a new way!

Being an entrepreneur and building your business comes with rewards, but also challenges. Working for others has put more pressure on maintaining the energy toward the Chefner Way and its daily operations.

With that being said! The Bloomfield, NJ area can anticipate new bi-weekly dine-in experiences on Tuesdays with Chef Push while a storefront location is in the works.

"Food as a language for me is a conversation with no words but a mouth full of flavor that fills you with feelings. If I'm not feeling like myself, I don't speak into my food. Because, that's how I use food - to connect." - Chef Push

Having many flavor pallets under her belt, her fan favorites include Southern cuisine / Soul food, Caribbean dishes, and Seafood. Custom sauces from scratch are a constant highlight of her weekly menus.

It wouldn't be far fetched to suggest a line of bottle sauces and seasoning are coming in the future, would it?

As a freelance private chef, she is available for private bookings, house calls, traveling, meal prep, etc. Again, that's the Chefner Way. Flavor on demand.

Stay tuned in with the Chef for weekly menus on Instagram @Push_Hue_Chefner._Official

Author: Jewelz Lopez @_Jewelz.Alize

Photos: Rick Tracy @Images_By_Rick

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