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Top FOUR Makeup Trends During Twenty22!

Ok, check it out! We had a look at all of the beauty trends that have been going on throughout the year so far, and we've narrowed it down to these top four beauty looks! Let us know your favorite beauty trend in 2022 so far!

90's Spin!

1. Fresh twist on the 90’s glam - who doesn't love the 90’s! In 2022 the girls have been adding the twist and bringing back the hues of brown and nudes on the eyelids and lips! It’s such a killer combo and looks good on any skin tone. May I add the ombre nude lippie will never go out of style.

The Rhinestone Queen!

2. Rhinestones - They add such a pop to any glam! They are also so versalite you can sport them during a hot summer day or you can switch it up and rock them during the winter to make an ice cold look. These rhinestones have been super popular during photoshoots this year. They have also been seen in some of our favorite shows such as Euphoria and P-Valley.

Everything Shines!

3. Metallic Eyeshadow - Glistening metallic eyeshadow is such a show stopping glam look! Your metallic shadows should have the perfect amount of pigments so that it catches the light in all angles. You can use a brush to apply these pigments or your hand to ensure the deepness of the look as it shines on your eyelids.

Golden Goddess!

4. Bronzy Glam - When you think of this look, think about deep cheekbones and contour! Creating this bronzed glam look that resembles a fresh tan. The girls loved that glowy look this summer that gave them that natural radiant feel that stood out during a girls day out, or that sexy feel as they switched it up for a night time glam for date night. To top this look off even more; you could spray a tanning mist mixed with shimmer to really have you shining like a star.

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