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World Chamber of Commerce/Film and Commercial Real Estate Summit

Honoring Oscar Award Winner Lou Gossett Jr./ Lifetime Achievement Award

Owner of Anderson Smith Gallery @galleryandersonsmith Located in Buckhead Village

Ashley Nicole Bowen CEO of Koll Kay & Company- Professional Event Planner

Ashley Nicole Bowen put together a phenomenal event for WCC Film and Commercial Real Estate Summit on Nov. 17, 2022 at the Anderson Smith Gallery.

If you need a spectacular event planner for private events, weddings, corporate events you can contact Ashley Nicole Bowen at @The__ashley_nicole

The "Remix Queen" Known for her smooth drinks with a spin in the city of Atlanta @re_mix_queen_

Barbados Honoray Consul David D Cutting

Anderson Smith Gallery

Lifetime Achievement Award and Ambassdor Dr. Amina Smaila of the Consulate General of Nigeria received the Global Hero Recognition Award.

This purpose of the event was to promote the Film and Real Estate industries in Georgia. The room was filled with content creators in the film industries and commercial real estate. You can find more about WCC at

Photo Shot by Clee Cooper

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