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Mychel Dillard, also known as Snoop, is a Serial Entrepreneur based out of Atlanta, GA. Snoop grew up in inner-city Detroit, MI, with her two younger brothers. Her parent's marital issues led her mother to flee the city and relocate to Nashville, TN– where Snoop spent most of her teenage years. At the tender age of fifteen, Snoop became a mother, but this did not deter her from remaining dedicated to finding her purpose in life. She knew at a young age she wanted to take an alternate route in life, and always dreamed of playing in the WNBA. However, her hoop dreams evolved once she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and business.

“I always thought I would play professional basketball, but God’s plans for my life are for more important than my own,” she said.


Snoop’s alternate route led her to Business School at Vanderbilt University. During college, Snoop was a party promoter, disc jockey, and even tapped into being a rapper.  After graduating from Vanderbilt in 2005, Snoop began working as a Financial Advisor and Investor, while holding a license in Real Estate. She offered advice to those interested in managing their finances and purchasing new homes.


In lieu of The Great Recession of 2009, Snoop was laid off from her job and decided it was the perfect time to take full control of her career aspirations.


Snoop broke into the entertainment industry and started Wet Dymes, a calendar and DVD series featuring twelve models from Nashville. The calendar success was followed by a promotional tour across metro cities to help promote the collection. Snoop went on to start KRD Media Group, a management group, where she managed local talent, including rappers, models, and rising artists. Snoop enjoyed the excitement of introducing new talent, but the business was not lucrative enough to scale.


A pivotal moment in her career was opening a night lounge called The G-Spot in 2009. Although it seemed like the right move then, within 90 days, she lost over $35,000 that she initially invested in the business.


“It was only open for three months and I lost over $35,000. It was a huge failure, but it taught me a lot about the business and doing things the right way to protect your investment,” she said.


The rush of starting businesses soon became a norm for the serial entrepreneur in the making. In 2010, Snoop and her business partner started Face-It, a $1 weekly publication of arrest mugshots. Snoop decided to walk away from the business– cold turkey after a financial dispute with her business partner.


“After that happened, I got into complete hustle mode. I had just moved to Atlanta and I was selling T-Shirts, water bottles, and even smoothies in my partner’s boutique. At the end of the day, I had to provide for not only me but for my daughter as well.”


“Life is not all about business. You can be a boss at work, but once you leave the office and return home, you have to stay authentic to who you are, at home. Personal development is just as important as professional development.




Shortly after moving to Atlanta, Snoop bought her first Party Bus with the profits from her successful real estate investment. Founded in 2012, Party Bus Kings, is an entertainment transportation service company based in Atlanta, GA; specializing in mobile entertainment and courier services. The first year was such a huge success that additional fleet was added within the first six months. Today, the company still operates in Atlanta and Snoop serves as a hands-off co-owner.


Snoop’s ultimate dream was always to open her own night lounge. After failing so hard at her first attempt in 2009, she was sure not to make the same mistakes twice. In summer 2014, Snoop’s dream became reality when she opened The Hookah Hideaway, located in downtown Atlanta. Snoop attributes the success of The Hookah Hideaway to simply being a good person.


“I didn’t invest in a lot of forced marketing. This time, I went into business by myself and did everything by the books. Today, it’s like the neighborhood bar, with a friendly vibe, a lot like the TV show Cheers.




Snoop is a strong advocate of service and pouring back into the community. She’s sponsored numerous events in Atlanta including 2017 Back to School Skate Party and School Supply Drive, Girlz Business Camp 2017 hosted by Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta, youth mentoring with Young Entrepreneurs of Atlanta, an annual Friendsgiving Food Drive at The Hookah Hideaway, benefiting ATL Mission, and an annual Christmas charity participation, to name a few.

Snoop hopes to start a non-profit organization providing shelter for at-risk youth and advocacy for teen pregnancy. Interested in film writing and production, she has enrolled in courses to learn more about the industry. With the success of both The Hookah Hideaway and her other businesses Escobar Restaurant and Tapas, Snoop is opening a third entertainment venue in Atlanta by the end of 2018.

Snoop’s story is evidence that failure is a part of the process, and this is only the beginning. Her journey is a clear depiction of how adversity can be used as necessary building blocks for your success.

Snoop currently resides in Atlanta, GA and continues to live up to her title of a dedicated “Serial Entrepreneur.”




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