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ATL Fashion Week @ The Biltmore

Fashion Week at the Biltmore

With Distinctive and Very Posh looks, Supported by Signature and innovative styles. The Biltmore was the epitome of Atlanta fashion week. This was in fact my Favorite show, out of ATL Fashion Week. I felt like the audience was transported to a Marie Antoinette or Lady Charlotte era in time. The ballroom was Majestic and sophisticated, inspired wall-trimming right from out the 19 century. Eagle-eyeing the many Patrons, dressing to impress in some of the finesse attire. Celebrity and Public Figures consumed the Ballroom and lounge area. Giving the show a boost of prestige and respect. The Show was in order to start; the magic jolted and the fun begin. The creativity was out of this world! Variety of Models hit the runway gracing us with what we all was wishing to see. From the Fake Fur, to the elegant Dinner gowns. This show did not stop short of well-designed smart, tasteful apparel. Special Guest Model Marlo Hampton From ATL Housewives grace the runway to close the show! Overall excellent show, and debut of what ATL fashion Scene has to offer!

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