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2nd Annual "It Still Takes a Village Guns Down, Drugs Out 2024 – Hip Hop Edition": an opulent gathering curated by luminaries Young Dro and Dr. Ciara Elle.

Updated: Feb 2

On the evening of January 31st, the South Fulton Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia, transformed into an opulent gathering for the 2nd Annual "It Still Takes a Village: Guns Down, Drugs Out 2024 – Hip Hop Edition" event, meticulously curated by luminaries Young Dro and Dr. Ciara Elle. The night unfurled as a symphony of success, orchestrating intentional unity and eloquently addressing the pressing issues affecting the youth.

Under the poised guidance of the dynamic Shar Bates, an illustrious panel, featuring Young Dro, Dr. Ciara Elle, Dr. Travis Barter, 2 Real Ant, and Gary Davis, gracefully delivered profound insights. Special messages from esteemed figures such as King Harris, Shawty Lo Jr., and the charismatic Mayor Khalid Kamau of the City of South Fulton infused the evening with an extra layer of inspiration.Distinguished guests, including Fulton County Commissioner of District 5 Marvin Arrington, Jr. Esq., City Council District 5's Keosha B. Bell, and the poignant presence of mothers who have lost children to violence, graced the occasion.

Adding to the enchantment was a captivating performance by the youth dance organization, Black Diamonds.The Youth Town Hall, a nexus of meaningful discourse, centered on mental health awareness, gun violence, and drug addiction. Young Dro's non-violence initiative assumed a central role, unveiling a tapestry of resources and opportunities for South Fulton families. Attendees bore witness to a harmonious fusion of community support, mentorship programs, after-school activities, and internships.

At the heart of the event resonated the timeless concept that 'It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.' The Hip Hop Edition of this community intervention delved into the multifaceted influences on the youth, exploring the impact of music, parental guidance, and environmental factors. The evening served as a sanctuary for open dialogues, fostering a profound understanding and education about the profound effects of sensory stimuli on behaviors. As thr community coalesced, 'It Still Takes a Village' emerged as an influential force for change. Through collective efforts and impassioned engagement, the event left an indelible mark, reaffirming a steadfast commitment to constructing a safer and healthier environment for the burgeoning generation.

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