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6th Annual Atlanta Fashion and Polo Classic

Sunday. October 8, 2023. Location: House Mansion at Bouckaert Farm | 10045 Cedar Grove Rd, Fairburn, GA

The Atlanta Fashion and Polo Classic was a gathering to celebrate the artistry, elegance, and luxury that define the world of fashion and polo. This event is a harmonious convergence of passion, creativity, and collaboration. It is a testament to the seamless fusion of luxury and hospitality.

The ATL Fashion & Polo Classic was so well produced it didn’t even seem real, considering our ancestors derived from sweaty brows and overworked bodies, followed by Emancipation, then imposed with Black Codes, Jim Crow, only followed by a red summer.

Yet, on that particular Sunday afternoon, Black attendees became their ancestors’ living and breathing greatest dreams come true. This dream was actualized and not deferred by hand-crafted fedoras by a Black designer, glitz, glamour, and of course, the Miguel Wilson Collection.

This year’s special guests are an illustrious lineup, including 2x Emmy award-winning syndicated radio host Ryan Cameron, Pastor Jamal Bryant of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, reality star Martell Holt from OWN’s Love & Marriage Huntsville, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson from HGTV’s Married to Real Estate, FOX 5 DC Correspondent Guy Lambert, Peter Thomas from RHOA, actor Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire from BET’s All The Queen’s Men, former NFL player JaMarcus Russell of the Oakland Raiders, Stevie Baggs Jr, Jackie Patterson, Palmer Williams, and King Yahweh.

Guests at the 6th Annual Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic can anticipate a feast for the senses. They will also delight in a range of offerings, including complimentary gourmet food options and signature cocktails. They can relax in party tents, groove to live music, and unwind in cigar lounges. The event also features two thrilling polo games, captivating equestrian exhibitions, and a stunning fashion experience. Guests are encouraged to wear are elegantly adorned in their finest derby attire.

At the Horse Mansion, Black vendors of every type, jewelers, clothing designers, breweries, fragrance makers, cigar shop owners, and more, all Black, aligned the outer walls of the venue.

Bentley Atlanta has been a steadfast title sponsor of Miguel Wilson’s vision and the Ride to the Olympics Foundation since day one.

Additionally, The Corbett Group, an Atlanta-based firm specializing in water and wastewater projects, joins as a primary sponsor for this year’s Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic. Partnerships with Fulton County Arts & Culture (FACE), S. Royal Vodka, and La Fete Wine Co. further enrich this extraordinary weekend of fashion, polo, and philanthropy.

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