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A Symphony of Fashion, Art, and Music for Haiti's Education: Rebirth Music & Fashion Show Event

Updated: Jan 4

In the heart of the city, where creativity knows no bounds and the spirit of philanthropy thrives, a magical evening unfolded – a fusion of music, art, and fashion woven together for a cause particulary close to my heart. The venue buzzed with excitement as attendees and vendors mingled in anticipation of a unique spectacle: a music and art fashion show dedicated to raising funds for students in Haiti, the Rebirth of A Lady Named Pearl.

Partnered with Fulton County Arts & Culture and Nissan of Bowie, Linda Pearl Fils-Aime, also known as A Lady Named Pearl produced a captivating environment vibrating with splashes of color in every corner. As the powerful Creole symphonies filled the air, Pearl and the exceptional dancers from Atlanta Dance Connection captivated the crowd. Their every moment deliberate yet effortless, seemingly defying gravity as they glided across the stage in harmony with the music. The fashion show featured models Danajah Nikhole, Ciara Nicole, Sunjori Michaela, Adrienne Paris, Jacquelyn Johnson, and Tachise Bros. Immediately upon entering this atmosphere, you knew you were in for a one of a kind experience.

Host, Aubri Williams, was a delightful presence and moved the crowd through the show with humor. Throughout the night, Aubri gracefully kept a pulse on the heartbeat of the evening, the underlying mission to raise funds for students in Haiti. Donation stations were strategically placed, Pearl and Aubri shared stories of impact, highlighting the transformative power of education in the lives of their young Haitians students.

In between fashion segments, the venue transformed into a gallery. Local artists, designers, and business owners showcased their work. I was able to catch up with Derrick from Derrick's Cake Delights. He specializes in alcohol infused cakes, cookies and cheesecakes. His desserts look as intoxicating as they are! The vendor stands provided the audience with an interactive shopping experience while allowing small business owners in Atlanta to showcase their products.

With each designer, the stage transformed into a canvas of vibrant hues and pulsating beats, setting the tone for an unforgettable night. The extragegant pieces from the Maison Nyanga collection could only be upstaged by the vibrant spirit of the founder and designer, Yasmine. Adorned with the creations of the visionary designers, Easmanie, Karabela Glam, Batu Collections, and Khaos Atlanta, the runway became a catwalk of purpose, each step echoing a commitment to education and empowerment. The fashion show opened with a symphony of live music, an ensemble that ranged from soulful melodies to rhythmic beats that echoed the diverse cultural influences of Haiti. The garments, meticulously crafted by both established designers and emerging Sewing Scholarship recipicants designers, reflected not only the beauty of artistic expression but also the resilience and strength of the Haitian spirit.

As a Haitian-born American myself, I felt particularly touched by the Rebirth Fashion experience. Ms. Pearl alongside Fulton County and Nissan of Bowie, were able to put on an extravagant event that shared the language of compassion, humanity, education, and excellence. To close the evening certificates of completion were awarded to the students of A Lady Named Pearl Leadership graduates. A perfect ending for a celebration of creativity with a profound purpose.

Written by

Dacheka Kolcum

Photos taken by @hakim.wilson

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