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An Atlanta Raised Multi-Prenuer Aiming for the Top Spot in Atlanta’s Business Market

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Meet Phillip Garcia Stringer II - A homegrown, Atlanta based Entrepreneur Looking to Conquer the Atlanta Business Sector

Born in Hamilton Ohio 6/13/88 as a Haitian American from Parents Phillip Garcia Stringer l & Debbie Lyn Allison. Growing up on the streets of Miami, Phillip Garcia Stringer ll came from humble beginnings. His Father was a street hustler and his Mother a hard working woman who made life changing sacrifices.

“Things were not always as easy besides drugs, violence etc. just like any other hood but that never stopped me from dreaming.”

A young man with many talents, Phillip began to make a name for himself around his Peers, and created a crew with the same mindset.

Growing up, Garcia flirted with dreams of the big stage. His natural music incline and ability to play six different musical instruments, led him to winning several talent showcases. However, sports were seen as the option out of the Projects and ticket to the notoriety he desired.

Typical American Teen, Garcia played football, basketball & track & field in high school, but he never lost his desire to use his creativity to the fullest. Using canvases in his art classes, Garcia drew on art board clothing designs and developed his style. Even winning Best Dressed high school.

When Garcia moved to Atlanta permanently with his family in 2003 As his family grew roots in the Old University Projects, growing up on Walnut Street of Southwest Atlanta, Garcia was exposed to the lifestyle of hustlers in the S.W.A.T.S.

Although times weren’t always easy, Garcia witnessed the hustle and entrepreneurial spirit of his family. Garcia strived to make something & become somebody. However, life had plans of its own.

In 2018, Garcia became a father to Logan Corleone Stringer. This gave him even more resolve to take the business world by the horns and make a way.

First, the entrepreneur opened a Domontra’s Coin Laundry. Offering wash & fold for only two dollars a pound. Located at 4651 Flat Shoals Road in Union City, Georgia. Fighting against the uncertainty of the pandemic, Domontra’s Coin Laundry remains a trusted location for laundry services.

In May 23, 2020 Phillip opened another venture as a U-Haul Dealer in February of 2021. Domontra’s U-Haul rentals offers a variety of box trucks at an affordable rate.

Phillip caught the entrepreneur bug again in August of 2021 and when he to step into the Motorsport world and opened a slingshot rental brand, that has been featured in Omeretta The Great's “Not Atlanta,” viral music video.

2023 has been challenging for Phillip and his family. On September 13, things took a turn when Phillip lost his son followed by his Grandmother in May then his Uncle in June 2023. However, he still managed to keep his head held high throughout the adversity.

ITCM Questionnaire : Tell us about a time you thought outside of the box to get your business to the people.

I was on my way to my place of business, and I noticed a long line with approximately about 100 cars or more all lined up in a line. I asked why are they were in line, and someone replied “107.9 is giving out free gas,” I thought fast, grabbed my cards, and walked in. I passed them out to each and everyone that was in the car. At the time I didn’t think that I was doing anything or maybe they were just gonna throw it out the car once they realize it wasn’t a ticket. A year down the line a customer came to me and told me they remember when I came out and I did that and they have being coming ever since it made me feel like what did was not in vain.

ITCM Questionnaire: In Business do you think its crucial to have a trusted circle or a Tribe of Trusted people you can count on. Do you have a tribe? Why do you think it’s important to have a tribe?

It’s important to have a tribe because you cannot get anywhere without help.

Mr. Stringer can be seen as a leader in the community and being a great example for younger generations, in the inner city from doing food/toy give a ways.

During his spare time, he enjoys playing golf on courses throughout the Atlanta Metro Area.

ITCM Questionnaire: Tell Our readers about your mindset for 2024?

I want to expand and make Domontra‘s, a brand-name for universal brand-name, and to make opportunities for entrepreneurs like myself to create in transit, and be example of what a black man may you have wanted something else in life, but always stay humble and ready to move in the direction in which God wanted me to become.

It’s all about divine timing, so dare to be different. Everyone is going to have their moment so always seize the opportunity, pray, and keep God first.

ITCM Questionnaire: Please let's give a few shout-outs and thank you's to the team or folks that are key to your success

I would like to thank Deborah Payne & Logan Corleone Stringer

Domontra’s Coin laundry (470) 708-0386


Domontra Uhaul (470) 708-0386

@ domontras_uhaul

Domontra’s Slingshots (470) 708-0386


Phillip Garcia Stringer II

Phone: (404) 538-2034




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