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An Open Book: Domani Delivers cool and heartfelt Lyricism in latest EP “Before The Ink Dry”

Atlanta, GA- Atlanta artist Domani releases his highly touted EP, "Before The Ink Dry".  This project features Blxkie on "Lessons" and Ray Vaughn on "Calm Down".  The four song EP is a snackable look inside the mind of Domani and an expression of his lyricism skills.

He's 2 years removed from releasing a full body of work, which was "SKYDIVE" released in 2021.  That project featured Rapsody, Anthony Hamilton, Nasty C, D Smoke, and more.  It took him across the globe, touring North America with D Smoke, Europe with Cordae, and South Africa with Nasty C.  

Fans can anticipate a new full album to release in Spring 2024.  He's been consistently recording music since the release of his last project.  Singles has what he's been focused on with songs like the SiriusXM First Alert "Sleep It Off", "Hi-Ya!" which awoke a lot of people on social media, and "Man".  But he listened to fans' requests, and will give them the album they've been waiting for.

It has been a busy week in music for the Harris Brothers. At midnight, Domani will officially release their collaboration "Father Like Sons". This is the first time the pair has publicly collaborated together. There has been a lot of media attention from King over the course of the last 72 hours, and he channeled this in the booth to get a lot off of his chest.

Look for Domani to return to the road in 2024, as well as dropping a lot more short form content on his Instagram.  He's really embracing creating short form content, after seeing the success of it, and it's something he truly enjoys creating. To hear "Before The Ink Dry" click here and let us know your favorite song from the project.

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