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Behind The Scenes Achievement Awards: A Master Media Network Extravaganza

The inaugural rendition of the Behind The Scenes Achievement Awards unfolded on the eve of Sunday, November 19, within the refined confines of Backstage Atlanta from 7 to 11 pm. The splendid affair, energized by the formidable Dr. Latricia Taylor from Master Media Network. A harmonious ambiance curated by the musical stylings of Blake Moore, and was presided over with grace by the esteemed host, Shenelle Simone.This distinguished event reverently lauded the often unheralded luminaries of the entertainment domain, casting an illuminating spotlight upon the dedicated individuals laboring inconspicuously behind the scenes. A pantheon of accolades awaited the deserving recipients, ranging from luminary publicists and media personalities to astute CEOs and diligent assistants.

Herein lie the notable figures inextricably linked to the inaugural Behind The Scenes Achievement Awards:


  • Dolapo Erinkitola: CEO of the Year

  • Gen Johnson: Celebrity Publicist of the Year

Nominees for Celebrity Media Host of the Year:

  • Jasmyne Flowers

  • Johnerio Scott

  • Brooklynne Hart

  • Dr. Denise Mose

  • Lakeba Wallace

  • Mo Clark

Nominees for Celebrity Assistant of the Year:

  • Kyerra Weldon

  • Glenda Carswell

Nominees for Celebrity Media Personality of the Year:

  • Dway

  • Randi Okray

  • Walil Archer

Nominees for Casting/Booking Agency of the Year:

  • Molly World

  • Sydney Taplin

  • Brittany Passion

Nominees for Celebrity Publicist of the Year:

  • Kelley Jamison

  • Mr. Daniel Dickey

  • Randall Lee

  • Brittany Miller


  • Ashlee Akins: OWN Network

  • Suzette Samuels: VH1 Black Ink Crew

  • Steve No Harvey: Actor/Model

  • Christopher Ruffin: Actor, Writer, and Entrepreneur

  • Queen Aftan Williams: Pageant Queen

The nocturnal soiree unfolded as a symphony of live performances, celebrity apparitions, and networking interludes. Commencing at 7:00 PM EST, the evening commenced its regal procession, heralded by a meticulously curated red carpet orchestrated by Junia Gurganious and NJG Entertainment at 7:30 PM EST. The crescendo arrived with the ceremonious proceedings at 8:30 PM EST, culminating in a evening toast at 10:30 PM EST. Attendees, bedecked in sartorial splendor, adhered to the prescribed formal attire of black, silver, and/or gold, epitomizing the essence of the celebration.

Distinguished presenters, such as Ashlee Akins of OWN Network, Suzette Samuels of VH1's Black Ink Crew, the multifaceted Steve No Harvey, and the erudite Christopher Ruffin, lent their prestige to the event.

The stage also played host to the captivating performances of Fiona Mesha and Norris Gurganious, accompanied by the mellifluous orchestrations of Blake Moore.The overarching purpose of this convivial gathering was to amplify the resonance of the often unsung contributors, whose indispensable roles form the bedrock of triumphs in both production and personal brand narratives within the expansive tapestry of the entertainment industry.

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Quadir Thomas
Quadir Thomas
Nov 22, 2023


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