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Former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Engages in Inspiring Fireside Chat at UTA's Atlanta Office

Wednesday night, March 20, 2024, marked a significant moment as a fireside chat with the 59th Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, took place at UTA's Atlanta office in Midtown. The event, titled "Journey To RYSE," delved into discussions about the city's entertainment infrastructure and the RYSE development project, which includes an innovative affordable housing partnership with micro homes.

Over 100 guests graced the event, including esteemed sponsors such as Kenneth Rance, VP & COO of Carver Bank, and Jolon Martin of Rémy Martin. The guest list also boasted prominent figures like Kwanza Hall, Booker T. Washington, Drumma Boy, Bem Joiner, Rico Brooks, Mickey Factz, Shannon Joyner, and more. Their presence underscored the significance of the occasion and added to the richness of the conversation.

In attendance, @Ricspice introduced Dina Marto to the RYSE project, along with @Richarddunn who serves on the advisory board with @Kyionissac. Ray Daniels and NuFace were also present, adding to the depth of expertise and support surrounding the event.

The fireside chat provided a platform for Mayor Kasim Reed to share his insights and vision for the city's development, particularly in the realm of entertainment and community empowerment. His presence resonated deeply with the audience, who eagerly engaged in discussions about the future of Atlanta and the role of projects like RYSE in shaping it.

The announcement for the addition of micro homes within the RYSE development further solidified RYSE's commitment to providing affordable housing solutions and fostering inclusive community development. This represents a bold step towards addressing pressing social issues and creating a more equitable city for all residents.

As the evening unfolded, it became evident that the "Journey To RYSE" event was more than just a gathering—it was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and community engagement. With leaders like Mayor Kasim Reed at the forefront, supported by passionate individuals and organizations, the future of Atlanta looks brighter than ever.

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