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ITCM Hair trends that last

From the runways to red carpets and from TV screens to everyday wear, we got the hottest hairstyles of the year. Check them out, and let us know what style you rocked this year.


This '70s-inspired cut plays with layers and texture and works on all hair types. Already seen on celebs like Miley Cyrus, and Nick Stenson, MATRIX's artistic director, believes it's going to make a big statement in the upcoming year. "Bobs and layers will continue to grow in popularity, which means natural texture styling is going to be a major note for 2021. Think fewer curling iron curls and more diffused texture that's manipulated with just the right amount of product for a disheveled feel," he said. Whether you prepare to go the mullet route or want a casual choppy cut, the style gives off a major rock 'n roll vibe


This year has kept some of us away from the salons, so we've taken things into our own hands. Only, it's harder than it looks. But wigs are a great way to switch things up without committing to a drastic style (or worse, attempting said drastic style at home). And no, we're not talking about the ones in the costume store. There are plenty of places to find this ready-to-go accessory that actually looks like your own hair.


Instead of getting a full color, opt for just a splash of brightness in your strands (usually two shades lighter than your natural hair color). But while last year it was all about using them to frame your face, this year, try taking the approach across your whole head, "The money-piece highlights will continue with the addition of chunkier pieces throughout." said Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist, and TIGI Copyright brand ambassador.


Raise your hand if you contemplated (or went full throttle) cutting your own bangs during quarantine. Good news: The classic style is officially back, so breathe a big sigh of relief if you took the plunge. We'll see more curtain bangs but with more texture and less length, said Fitzsimons. We've seen this trend all over the internet, especially on TikTok. It's soft face-framing bangs that start by the cheekbones and split down the middle.


Messy buns, ponytails, and taming flyaways have been the focus this year, because, well, they're easy. And the simplified approach to everyday styling is going nowhere fast. I think we'll see a continuation of the casual styles in 2021", said Annagjid Kee Taylor, celebrity hairstylist, and natural hair YouTuber. But this year, expect to see those laid-back looks accentuated with accessories like crystal bobby pins and extra-large scrunchies for an added punch that shows up well on video calls.

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