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Jel’low @ Mary J Bilge & Pepsi Presents:The Strength Of A Woman Summit

The atomic energy, penetrated the atmosphere as I walked into the building. This is the 2nd year of Mary J Blige and Pepsi have join force to create the strength of a woman Summit. This event captivated my eyes, with expressive colors that appealed to the senses and Spirit! Representing a Warm smoothing, Royal and Strong welcoming space. My mind, body and Soul was infuriated with this power and understanding of Human Beings, especially our Women.

Seeing the many smiles, and joyful faces confirmed , the power, and magic which this summit was created to allude and transpire the army of women. Witnessing this moment, intrigued my curiosity for more Knowledge, power, and wisdom from an assortment of ladies. Especially from all around the world and different professional industries. Most importantly, African American and women of color. This Summit represent multiple Races , ethnicity, religion, regions , and more. All coming together for this special once a year event.

The displays, and exhibits of women in Hip-Hop throughout decades featuring the likes of Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, Megan The Stallion and more. Tasty treats from local, women own Restaurants. Supplying the crowd with lite but full filling Munchies. Many panelists discussed an array of topics that affect women everyday.. Giving such a positive place for women to let loose, joining other women, sisters, mothers, and friends. Topics of conversation consisted of Money, Business, Family, Friends, sex , work and so much more.

I was present for 1day out the 3day event, and left feeling empowered, and in the knowing of many of our women Prospective, and views. This event has the potential to become larger each and every year. Mary and Pepsi have brought together a legion of women building an legacy for the future. Last but not least from all the different Guest like Summer Walker, Iyanla Vanzant, Ciara, Lauryn Hill, and More. The special guest of honor one and only Mary j Blige Graced the crowd with her presence. Thanking everyone and talking openly about her personal Struggles, and trials.

Giving and allowing her Fans and Supporters to see and participate with a vulnerable and open Mary. Which thrilled and encouraged them to continue being their beautiful wonderful selves. The Summit excuted the purpose,Expressing and passing on the message. That is every women can bring out ones values and innermost strength!

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