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Kelly Kellz’s Through Thick and Thin Podcast featuring Mario Tory: Insightful journey through the life and career of a multifaceted entertainer

Kelly Kellz’s Through Thick and Thin Podcast featuring Mario Tory, can certainly be seen not only hilarious but viewers were treated to an insightful journey through the life and career of a multifaceted entertainer. Known for his work in Bojangles commercials, The  Next Level, 50 Central, voiceover gigs, Bounce TV, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, and Tom Joyner cruises, Tory's repertoire extends beyond comedy he’s also an actor, creator, writer, and host. Described as more than just a comedian, he embodies the roles of brother, father, and protector, infusing his performances with a unique energy.

His rise to prominence began with a competition in Atlanta that brought him to New Orleans that showcased his exceptional talent, setting the stage for a promising future. Winning the Big Easy Comedy Competition affirmed Tory's belief in his own potential, propelling him onto tours with industry heavyweights like Samore, Wayne, Mike Epps, and D L Hughley. Through networking and collaboration, he continually sought to elevate his craft, ultimately branding himself with his distinctive look and fearless approach to new challenges.

Starting his career at Uptown Comedy Corner and performing at open mics and making his coworkers laugh at warehouses and delivery companies, Tory honed his craft with raw material and a determination to succeed.Maintaining a healthy perspective on comedy, Tory emphasizes the importance of not beating oneself up and detaching from outcomes to preserve the joy of performing. Despite facing obstacles, he navigates through life with resilience, choosing to focus on opportunities rather than setbacks. His success in various platforms, including Kevin Hart's "Hart of the City" which landed him his own comedy special, is a testament to his unwavering dedication and authenticity.

Tory's journey is also marked by the support of his loved ones, including his mother, children, wife, and father. He eschews cliques in favor of genuine relationships built on love and mutual respect. Acknowledging the role of faith in his life, Tory and Kelly Kellz discussed the significance of surrendering to God and trusting in divine timing.

Looking ahead, Tory has expanded his creative ventures, including a savage horror comedy movie, a cartoon featuring Kim Whitley, and a short film inspired by "Forrest Gump." He remains committed to providing opportunities for up-and-coming comedians, paying forward the support he received early in his career. With his relentless work ethic and unwavering faith, Mario Tory continues to carve his path in the entertainment industry, leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. Be sure to watch Mario Tony on Through Thick and Thin Podcast with Kelly Kellz on YouTube now!

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