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“Mayor Dickens Unites Community Influencers in Strategic Summit to Combat Ongoing Homelessness Crisis in Atlanta”

Atlanta, 2/27/2024 at The Gatheringspot Mayor Andre Dickens and members of the Atlanta Mayor's executive staff convened with local businesses and community influencers last night to address the pressing issue of homelessness in Atlanta. Acknowledging it as a collective challenge, Mayor Dickens emphasized the need for a community-driven solution and introduced a new initiative called “Atlanta Land Trust.” a nonprofit committed to creating & stewarding permanently affordable housing to support inclusive, equitable communities in Atlanta. Providing on-site peer clinical support, social worker specialists, and security.

Recognizing the pivotal role of financial hardships and sometimes physical challenges in the homelessness crisis. Mayor Dickens and the board have made specialist assistance readily available for daily tasks, even including navigating bureaucratic processes like visiting the DMV. The community's first successful home transfer of phase 1 was dubbed "The Melody" which features a free laundromat, a dog park, and prevalence cameras for residence security.

The commitment to tackling the root of the issue is reflected in their dedication to creating a supportive environment for those striving to rebuild their lives.

Mayor Dickens conveyed the understanding that resolving homelessness is a gradual process and emphasized that the overall success of Atlanta is a group project. Mayor Dickens was also asked about the long-term support for individuals transitioning out of the community.

Mayor Dickens confirmed that there is a comprehensive plan in place, assuring continued support for individuals after they leave the community and successfully reintegrate into society. The commitment extends to post-therapy resources, emphasizing the city’s dedication to the ongoing well-being and success of those who have faced homelessness.

This commitment underscores Atlanta’s holistic approach to addressing the multifaceted challenges of homelessness and reinforces the belief that support should extend beyond immediate needs, ensuring sustained well-being for all community members.

The newly introduced initiatives underline the collective commitment to addressing this complex challenge and creating a more compassionate and resilient community. Over the next several years, ALT seeks to bring 300 affordable units onto the market; its real estate affinity group members are an integral catalyst to helping Atlanta residents access affordable homeownership by promoting the community land trust model and connecting buyers to quality affordable homeownership.

For further inquiries, please contact the office of Mayor Andre Dickens or Atlanta Land Trust].

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