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Million Dollar Mingle:The Super Luxury Celebrity Charity VIP Weekend Experience where Donors, sponsors, and VIP immersed in a whirlwind of parties, philanthropic endeavors, & networking opportunities

The Super Luxury Celebrity Charity Weekend Experience unfolded in grandeur at the Perception: A Disruptive Innovation Studio nestled at 2780 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109. Across three remarkable days, from February 10th to 12th, 2024, attendees were immersed in a whirlwind of exclusive parties, philanthropic endeavors, and networking opportunities that left an indelible mark. With head of photography being Brandon McKell from Southern Accent you know the event was captured just right. Check out the photos below.

Kicking off the extravaganza was Day 1, where guests were treated to the MDM VIP Super Luxury Celebrity Charity Party. Here, amidst corporate sponsor/brand activation setups, the event saw the convergence of luminaries at the MDM VIP Networking Mixer, hosted by 1st Class Consultant. The Unicorn Universe Pitch Experience and the Red Carpet & Media Experience added to the allure, culminating in the commencement of the MDM VIP Super Luxury Celebrity Charity Party.

Day 2 ushered in the excitement of the MDM Big Game Charity Watch Party Experience. Amidst state-of-the-art visual and LED technology, attendees immersed themselves in the Big Game's fervor while contributing to charitable causes. The day's highlights included corporate sponsor/brand activation setups, check-in for the Red Carpet & Media Experience, talent arrivals, and the engaging MDM Big Game Charity Watch Party.

Day 3 offered a serene contrast with the Super Luxury Charity Recovery Brunch & Networking Experience, graciously hosted by Unicorn Universe. Against a backdrop of heartfelt conversations, guests indulged in a delectable brunch spread, all while supporting charitable causes. Corporate sponsor/brand activation setups, the Unicorn Universe Pitch Experience, and the Unicorn Universe Award Presentation added depth to the day's agenda, culminating in the Super Luxury Network, Relax, and Recover session.

The event was not only a celebration but also a testament to generosity and community spirit, with proceeds benefiting esteemed foundations including the RISE and Dream Foundation, Mechelle Cares Foundation, Hearts Alive Village Giving Animals a Voice, and Tinhih. Gratitude was extended to sponsors Unicorn Universe, LYTRA, 1st Class Consultant, Six Figure Spa Chick, EMP, Luxury Magazine, One Business Connection, The Window and Door Store, Thryv Health, Rich Kat Cigar, Rolex, Bugatti, Bentley, and others, whose unwavering support propelled the event to success. Candace Holyfield Medical assistant, holistic practitioner, retired massage therapist, CEO of spa boss tribe, author, and motivational speaker. Educating, empowering, and uplifting spa professionals across the world. CEO of Six Figure spa chick 6-time award-winning spa owner who teaches nurses and estheticians how to open, operate and expand with unorthodox marketing strategies to stay open long term. Mechelle Tucker is a Entreprenuer, Consultant & Dedicated Industry Professional. CEO 1st Class Consultant, LLC Consulting agency Creative Consultant for Brands & Businesses, Redefining the Win-Win-Win! RISE n DREAM Foundation Nonprofit organization Restore communities Invest in children Strengthen families Empower people.

Several fabulous vendors like; Rich Kat Mobile AIRSTREAM CIGAR LOUNGE They bring the ultimate cigar puffin experience to you. Book them for your next wedding, birthday party, or private event. The ultimate mobile cigar lounge experience. Their 31ft 1972 International Vintage Airstream is the ultimate complement to any event. Amenities include:Bathroom Granite top Bar & Sink Mini Refrigerator Wine Cooler Humidor 2/ 50' TV's (interior & exterior) Wifi Bluetooth Surround Sound System Lounge Seating for 15 Electric Fireplace 2 Sky Lights Side Mounted Gas Grill ,Roof Exhaust System with Pop up Smoke Vents Mini AC units /fans/ heaters LED Lights throughout 12 Volt Electrical outlets throughout The customized mobile lounge, designed by the connoisseur couple,(Waleed & Leslie Williams) offers a social experience which adds a layer of sophistication to the vent.

I met Your Go-to aromatherapy Guru who is a Spelman Alumna passionate about helping brands launch their own fragrance line. You can also rediscover what it means to sleep well with Sleep Aesthetics, They aim for perfection in the products they make and the services they provide. services offered include spa parties, fragrance bar event set up, physco aroma therapy instructing, custom fragrance creation , and motivational speaking.

It was a pleasure to meet James Kirkegaard Co-Owner & Principal of NPL Impact Agency. Connecting those with resources to those with solutions. Positively impacting lives across the globe. NPL agency strategically aligns organizations and funders to bring more impact, more money, more quickly. NPL agency has helped over 152 organizations raise over $1 Billion. Nonprofit organizations turn to NPL because they help them raise more contributions faster… and for less cost. Jim focuses on a holistic approach to critical thinking, integration of resources, and planning- always seeking innovative and effective solutions to recurring problems. It was such a treat to network with everyone.

Scheduled at the prestigious Perception: A Disruptive Innovation Studio, the event offered attendees a unique blend of opulence and philanthropy, underscored by the spirit of giving back. Registration and donation details were easily accessible online, ensuring seamless participation and contribution to noble causes. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the event stood as a beacon of hope and unity, uniting influential individuals in a shared vision of making a tangible difference in their communities. With each hashtagged post and shared moment, the Super Luxury Celebrity Charity Weekend Experience resonated far beyond its confines, leaving a legacy of compassion and generosity for years to come.

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