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My experience with the “Emotions of the Sun” Exhibit

Updated: Jul 10


Let me preface this with a personal disclosure: prior to booking this brand ambassador gig for the exhibit, I was experiencing a period of depression and imposter syndrome.

I am navigating a phase in my life where

I’m exhausted of working regular jobs, but not able to live off my craft just yet.

So many of us are actively looking for a better balance between work, passion, family, play, and relaxation.

That’s how I landed in the seasonal catering/ brand ambassador swing of things a couple years ago. Gig work is a great alternative - more on that in the future!

It can be easy to be discouraged when the generations before you harp on routine and “safe paths to success”, but yet you see your own and upcoming generations thriving on the uncertain. I know I once did when I was 19-23 years old.

Then things started to feel more serious, and like I had to be a “responsible adult” and reconsider some decisions.

I was definitely experiencing the waves of entrepreneurial optimism and pessimism.

Is 6 years on the scene too long or not long enough? Is it only really beginning or is it closing to an end?

Have I burnt out, or do I just need to rejuvenate/ rebrand? Have I been pouring from an empty cup?

These were the constant, nagging thoughts before I stepped into my week long position.


Not only did the photographs themselves inspire a shift in my mood - the curator, photographer’s stories and intentions, and the energy and words of the head of marketing all confirmed my motivations to keep going.

The Veuve Cliquot & Magnum Photos collaboration on this exhibit was curated by Pauline Vermare to embody its Solaire Culture “symbolizing the spirit of joy and the promise of infinite possibilities” through photographs.

The Sun itself, as well as the rest of nature, has so many documented physical and mental health benefits that it’s no wonder numerous holistic medicine professionals recommend it for healing.

The design of the space alone, and the subject matter of each imagine, had a profound calming affect on my mood from Day 1 to Day 7 walking through the door.

It actually gave me a craving for a better connection with nature, and myself.


Though I was fond of all the photographers in the exhibit, the two that stood out the most for me were Newsha Tavakolian and Cristina de Middel for different reasons.

“ I see these images as a journey into consciousness. As you grow closer to nature, you become more self-aware, understanding the importance of living authentically. This is the realization that life is lived only once.” - Newsha Tavakolian

My favorite piece in the entire exhibition of 40 photographs is Tavakolian’s of a lady floating on her back surrounded by sunflower heads in a pool.

To me this photo depicted the energy I needed in life at the moment: relief and serenity, to be free flowing, to rejuvenate my energy, to relax and be one with the present moment.

This singular photo filled me with optimism each day I stepped in front of it. It alone gave me a feeling that I was heading in the right direction and I just needed to trust myself, and let go.

A powerful expression of photography & intention.


I found even more inspiration and confirmation of this journey of freelancing and entrepreneurship in the live interview of Cristina de Middel.

She expressed the stark difference in the work she was doing in newspapers and her personal style of photo journalism and other works.

The former could’ve easily resulted in burnout had she continued and not found a new spark in inspiration through trying something different, creative, and personal to her interests.

This first stylized body of work catapulted her to the heights her career now enjoys.

She created her own lane. She stuck with it.

Aside from experimenting with different photography styles in her earlier days, she doesn’t try to mold herself into any other photographer for the sake of commissioned work.

After finding her voice and her style to express it, she has stayed true to it and experienced the rewards of doing so. This in itself is a testimony to self-discovery and confidence.


Before my time at the exhibit was over, I had the chance to do a impromptu interview with the head of marketing at Veuve Clicquot Adriana Angulo.

It was so intriguing to me that this “corporate lady” sitting in such a high position in LVMH had such a personable, passionate, optimistic, approachable, and down to earth energy about her.

I had to know more. I had to know how this contributed to her marketing success. How did this personality package in particular help boost her career.

These were all things I saw reflections of in myself, and a position I would love to be in - I had to get the water from the source.

Once again, it all came down to staying true to yourself.

Having a strong hold on who you are, your strengths, your weakness, and what aligns with you.

She confided that so many times she was pressured to be a little more closed off, but it was her ability to so readily connect with others that allowed for her mission and passion to show through.

When you connect with different people throughout your travel in this world, see and hear different perspectives - You’re able to communicate and relate to others differently.

Given her role as the client, I wouldn’t have expected to see Adriana interact with as many attendees to the exhibit as she did.

Aside from the guided tours dedicated to the Veuve & LVMH team throughout the week, she took it upon herself to give random attendees who showed particular interest personal attention and information.

That was very interesting and humbling to me.

It definitely gave me a more optimistic outlook on the corporate machine and that some people are still genuine.


I think as independent brands, entrepreneurs, and creators, we sometimes forget that your audience and potential customers buy into YOU first - before they buy into your product or service.

What is that feeling you give them?What is the story behind your brand? What is your mission? Why is it important to be within of your sphere of influence?

When you give people an undeniably positive association with your brand in which ever way you are able to connect with them on a personable level - you win.

Hey - I might just have to say, Veuve Clicquot is my favorite champagne at the moment!

Written by

Jewelz Lopez @_Jewelz.Alize 

Freelance Model / Producer

B.A. Public Health & Psychology

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