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“Not Another Church Movie" a fresh take on the parody genre, blending humor with social commentary as it follows the journey of Taylor Pherry, a man tasked by God with a divine mission to inspire

Updated: Apr 24

The special screening event for "Not Another Church Movie" on April 22nd, 2024, was a star-studded affair attended by industry professionals, cast members, and eager fans.

Atlanta’s new comer, April Q Russell was honored to produced the successful event through her company Revolutionize Hollywood and also had a small but significant role as “Tasha” in the film and also credited as a Consulting Producer. Hosted at the Regal Cinema Atlanta Station, the event aimed to showcase the comedic prowess of the film's ensemble cast and the creative vision of its directors, Johnny Mack and James Michael Cummings. With anticipation high for this parody comedy, attendees eagerly welcomed an evening of laughter and entertainment. I had a front row seat to it all thanks to Daniel Dickey.

The evening began with a press hour, providing journalists and media personnel an exclusive opportunity to engage with the cast and crew, gaining insights into the making of the film and its comedic approach. The  press hour, guests was treated to a vibrant pre-screening reception at the Rose Bistro & Champagne Bar. Against the backdrop of Atlanta's bustling entertainment scene, attendees mingled, enjoyed refreshments, and shared in the excitement surrounding the upcoming screening.

As the event unfolded, excitement for the film's release on May 10th, 2024, reached a crescendo. Attendees eagerly discussed their favorite moments from the trailer and anticipated the uproarious laughter that awaited them across the street at Regal Cinema’s for their private screening. With its blend of satire, parody, and heartfelt storytelling, "Not Another Church Movie" promised to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Not Another Church Movie" offers a fresh take on the parody genre, blending humor with social commentary as it follows the journey of Taylor Pherry, a man tasked by God with a divine mission to inspire his community through storytelling. However, when the Devil intervenes with his own nefarious plans, hilarity ensues as Taylor navigates the challenges of his dysfunctional family and the unexpected twists of divine intervention.

The film boasts a stellar cast led by Kevin Daniels, Vivica A. Fox, Jamie Foxx, and Jasmine Guy, among others, each bringing their unique comedic flair to the screen. With Academy Award-nominee Mickey Rourke portraying the Devil and Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx as God, "Not Another Church Movie" promises standout performances that elevate its comedic premise.Helmed by Johnny Mack and James Michael Cummings, "Not Another Church Movie" reflects the directors' commitment to delivering a comedic experience that pays homage to the works of iconic filmmakers while offering a fresh perspective on the genre. Through their collaborative efforts, Mack and Cummings infuse the film with energy, wit, and a keen understanding of the comedic landscape.

The special screening event for "Not Another Church Movie" was a resounding success, offering attendees a glimpse into a world of comedic brilliance and imaginative storytelling. With its talented cast, visionary directors, and timely premise, the film stands poised to delight audiences and make its mark on the cinematic landscape. As the countdown to its theatrical release continues, anticipation remains high for the laughter and entertainment that await audiences nationwide for its release May 10, 2024.

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