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Pink Maison Weekly Review August 5th 2pm

Updated: Aug 1


Pink Maison Unveils Exciting Emerging Designer Collection in Exclusive Presentation

Atlanta GA - Pink Maison, the renowned fashion powerhouse, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Emerging Designer Presentation, showcasing the latest works of talented up-and-coming designers in the industry. The exclusive event will take place on August 5th in Pink Maison showroom, downtown, Atlanta promising to be a celebration of innovation, creativity, and style.

As a leading fashion brand committed to nurturing new talents, Pink Maison takes immense pride in providing a platform for emerging designers to display their unique vision and designs. The Emerging Designer Presentation will offer these rising stars an opportunity to showcase their creative prowess to an audience of industry experts, fashion enthusiasts, influencers, and media representatives.

"We are delighted to introduce our Emerging Designer Presentation, which highlights our dedication to supporting young talents and fostering innovation in the fashion world," said Rose Gordon, CEO at Pink Maison. "We believe that fashion should be inclusive and continuously evolve with fresh perspectives, and this event exemplifies that philosophy."

The event will feature a carefully curated selection of collections from diverse designers, each reflecting their individual inspirations and design philosophies. Attendees can expect to witness a vibrant blend of artistic expression, groundbreaking techniques, and forward-thinking aesthetics that redefine the future of fashion.

Pink Maison has collaborated with renowned industry experts to ensure an unbiased selection process, identifying the most promising designers to feature in the presentation. This commitment to showcasing emerging talent aligns with Pink Maison's vision to foster creativity and innovation within the fashion community.

Members of the press and fashion insiders are invited to witness this remarkable event and be the first to discover the next generation of trendsetters. Please mark your calendars for Aug 5th at 57 Forsyth street NW, Suite 61 Atlanta GA 30303 and prepare to be inspired by the creativity and passion on display.

For media inquiries, interview requests, or event access, please contact:

Maria Subeldin 


Meet Lilly Alfonso, a powerhouse of passion and perseverance, whose life mission extends beyond the realms of fashion and into the heart of her community. Lilly's initiative, the #100YearPlan, mirrors her commitment to uplift and empower the next generation. She generously extends her expertise and knowledge to young, ambitious individuals across Africa, providing them with free training and education.

Lilly's efforts don't stop within her homeland. Her reach has crossed borders, impacting lives both domestically and internationally. Her voice echoes in the halls of numerous conferences across Africa, sharing her journey, imparting wisdom, and inspiring young individuals, especially women, to chase their dreams and rise above their circumstances.

Lilly Alfonso is more than a designer; she's a beacon of hope, a mentor, and a tireless advocate for education and empowerment. Join us in applauding her relentless efforts to make a difference. 

Her collection is available in Pink Maison Showroom for retail and wholesale!

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