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Revolt World

I cannot wait until next year; this was one of my highlights of the year. Attending Revolt World, Almost felt like an Urban burning man. Noooo, not what some of you’ll might be thinking! To be Clear nothing to wild or out of control, A lot of high energy, Fun people, with great vibe. That ,I can insure you! I can only see this event Growing and progressing with each cycle pass. Having the opportunity to View live shows like, Caresha Please and The Jason Lee show was a great experience. Very Positive and inspiring, the sheer Audience involvement created an unforgettable occurrence. I can see what goal and objective, Diddy may want the Festival to radiate! Exuding with Celebrities that ornamented the festival. With everyone carrying a down to earth Attitude. It was nothing but love, Socializing and blending in with Revolt guest and Patrons. The celebration was held on Revolt World Studio, located right outside the city of Atlanta. Miles of land, the grounds was full of Tasty Food Trucks to your liking and desired hunger meter. McDonalds Contributed Free Fries, to help fight off fatigue and sustain energy. Especially for those were on a budget. We enjoyed an Assortment of Cocktails, and plenty of Water Station and Restrooms located around the grounds. The man of the Hour (Diddy) even made an appearance. So many Cool Music performer and DJ performances, through out the 3 day event! Talk about a weekend, Counting down the days until Revolt world is back!

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