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"The Break Up" Zonnique's Newest Release #MoInTheCity

This past Wednesday was definitely a night to remember as the city of Atlanta gathered to listen to Zonnique’s new music. “The Break Up” was not your average “Men ain’t sh*t” project, of course it had those moments and if i’m being honest, at first listen you could definitely get lost in the mood if you aren’t paying attention. Because I am a music connoisseur, I chose to listen to it a few times before deciding how I felt about it overall but before we get into the music, let’s talk about the party! It was definitely a star studded Harris family affair and the place to be to get the full experience of the project. The TRAP Museum was the perfect backdrop to have Atlanta’s top celebrities, media personalities and influencers like Housewife of Atlanta and Xscape member Kandi Burruss and her new amazing girl group PsiRyn, Da’Vinchi from the hit show “BMF'', Jelissa Raquel from @mediagirlsnetwork, celebrity publicist Siah, and Zach “@Aceofklubz” Hinton. Pretty Hustle & CR8 Agency knows how to bring the city out for sure! There was an open bar and food served to keep the vibes right as we got as much footage as we could have Zonnique’s big night. Seeing her grow up in front of our eyes, takes me back to when she was just an OMG Girl and now full grown as a solo artist. Of course you expect nothing less being raised by musically inclined parents. You can tell with her lyrics this project was personal, yet relatable because we’ve all been in a space where you love someone but they dont love you back the way you deserve.

Now lets get into the music. When I was asked to blog about the event you know I had to do my research and listen multiple times chile. In the car, at the gym, doing my makeup, writing this lol … My favorite song is “Game Over” because the pen game was crazy “You think it’s a game but this aint Madden or 2k, You can run your best play… You gon see you met your match, how you fumble the biggest bag…” ok sis, I hear you. The energy shift we receive when we Press Play, makes me think of the disconnect between today’s new music and the music our parents grew up on and it’s refreshing to see how well she blended both sounds. Each song is meant to bring you into the emotions and thoughts of the artist. The toxicity that came from “One More Time” felt like sis was singing to me because we all have that one ex we go back to ; one time too many and get hurt from the “Crash and Burn”. #TheBreakUp was a great follow up project and you can hear the progress since she dropped her first solo album “Love Jones” in 2017. Overall it was a solid piece of work and I enjoyed the entire experience. “The Break Up” is out now on all platforms, check it out and let me know what you think in the comments. Let’s get through #TheBreakUp together!

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