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The Crepes are not the only thing Dancing!

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Yandy Smith-Harris- Dancin’ Crepe Where Sweet Meets Savory

What a Day, What a Day The Crepe wasn’t the only thing dancing. Visiting Yandy Smith Harris's New Restaurant The Dancin’ Crepe was a positively eccentric experience. Brunching at the crepe was charmingly pleasant. I enjoyed the Boutique style dining theme. Honestly Not a Large Area but a Very nice and intimate space. I felt like a VIP, with the Exclusive dining experience. I opted for the Margarita, keeping it Simple! Lime, Sweet, and Tangy with that punch of tequila, hit the spot. Relishing each sip I watched Music Video from the big screen above the bar. Chatting lightly with the other Bar Guest. I called them my Bar neighbors. I then decided to check out the Festivities outside in the main courtyard. Pausing my order, (which I already paid for, I am not tacky!) I was allowed to take my drink and enjoy the event outside. I loved the restaurant no no-hassle ambiance, very laid back. As I walked down the block, I saw the many Vendors, with an array of Products, information, and Food. I quickly indulge in my guilty pleasure Shopping. After spending/Buying I went down to a staging area as they were setting up. I circled back around with a drop of Margarita left in my cup, back to Dancin’ Crepe. Re-welcomed with no issue. I alerted the Staff I was back and they brought me out my Food Piping hot. I decided on my favorite cereal brand-inspired Chicken and Waffles. The fruity pebbles Chicken and Waffles! It looks like Chicken and Waffles just walked out of the Disco Tech I was already sold. Took a huge bite, I must say yum!

I order another drink and pander in my food. After eating for about five minutes having a mouth full of food. I heard a Familiar Voice, Lovely scent, and pleasant vibes and it was Yandy Smith-Harris. She walked right up to me and greeted me. Totally unaware my first meeting with her would be now. I swallowed my food, jumped up wiped my mouth and hands. I Stood up and open my arms for a huge. With no hesitation, she embraced me as she had known me for years. With a quick and light Conversation, she was the bell of the ball and was extremely Busy at the moment. She made that instant feel like forever. She told everyone she was back and jetted off into the Crowd of people outside.

I finished eating left out, and walked toward the courtyard. A crowd begins to form; a block party seems to ensue next. Mellow the Host of the Event walks on stage and introduces himself the sponsors, Yandy, and the performers. The Show starts instead with Wild, Ghetto, Violent driven music. The Scene they opted for was Spoken Word and R&B, which delighted the audience. Each performer puts their all into their allotted Stage time. After all of the Great performances, Yandy Came out and Partied with the Crowd, I again had a chance to chat with Yandy and turn up briefly. I enjoyed the experience, which was not bad on my Pockets either. Overall I adored my time at Dancin Crepes. Its One of a one-of-a-kind eatery, I recommend stopping in and experiencing the atmosphere, Virtuous Food, and The (In the City) Vibes.

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