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The behind the scenes of the video and photoshoot with the Mako Girls for their exotic & fearless new song "Snakes"

Hanging out with Mimi, A-Ni, and Kena of the Mako Girls, @makogirls an urban pop girl group from Atlanta was refreshingly fun and exciting. Exciting because of the albano baby python snake involved. The shoot achieved a perfect visual such as an eccentric video and song. These young ladies are now manifesting as the artists and young women they are meant to be adding a little Mako sprinkle to carrying on the legacy of the world-known girl groups before them. They strive to achieve the national success of all the great girl groups like Destiny Child, TLC, and Xscape, The three sisters allowed us into their world and were extremely fearless with their slimmy friend. Trust I kept my distance and had no idea we would have a baby python on set. In the City was honored in helping to usher in their new single "Snakes" a dope melodic direct song on repeat in my Audi, The three beauties have a bright future ahead of them, and as the world watches their ascent into stardom. Huge Thank you to everyone at this shoot helping to create the Magic that you see below. Keep an eye out for these young ladies, they are coming for the billboard charts! Check out a few snippets below.

Photo: @abdquadir1

Edited: @shotbymk

Cover: @graphiczbymimi

Cover Edit: @louie_xl_

Studio: @fbstudios

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