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Through Thick and Thin Podcast: Kelly Kellz electric interview with multifaceted artist, creator, and director, Robiii World.

Kelly Kellz's "Through Thick and Thin" podcast  featured a compelling interview with the multifaceted artist, creator, and director, Robiii World. The conversation delved into his journey, starting as a videographer, and explored the genesis of his comedian name. Robiii candidly shared his initial shyness and highlighted the nuances between stand-up comedy and skits. Notable moments include opening for Eastside Ivo and Desi Banks, recalling the nerves of his first stand-up set while getting tipsy.

In a reflective tone, Robiii revisited the 2017 grind era, emphasizing his decade-long dedication to social media. He credited skits as a coping mechanism during bouts of depression, portraying comedy as therapy and healing. The podcast delved into Robiii's upbringing on the west side of Atlanta, emphasizing his identity as a chill, quiet individual nurtured by his mom, aunts, and grandparents.

The interview touched upon Robiii's intentional use of attractive women in his content, introducing key collaborators like Terry, Teddy, Vee, Kai, Reese, and the Collab Crib team. Robiii highlighted his role as the face of the Collab Crib team, emphasizing loyalty and the supportive environment for young creators.

Robiii World shared insights into his work ethics, expressing admiration for Jordan Jackson, and how Facebook played a pivotal role in elevating his visibility. The podcast delved into his humility, describing himself as a humble servant of the Lord, while also discussing sporadic involvement in voting without delving deeply into politics.

Robiii's journey took a business turn as the discussion explored brand deals with major names like Disney, Nike, and Coca-Cola. Despite his achievements, he conveyed a perpetual drive for career elevation and experiences, discussing the challenges of being recognized everywhere he goes.The podcast wrapped up with a glimpse into Robiii World's upcoming projects, leaving listeners intrigued and excited about the future endeavors of this dynamic and multifaceted creator. Head over to YouTube and subscribe to "Through Thick & Thin" podcast and watch the full interview.

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