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Usher headlined Super Bowl LVIII

How about those Chiefs? This past Sunday 120 million people tuned into Super Bowl 58 to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take home the well-earned title of Super Bowl champions! Though the game was intense, it is fair to say that halftime was the real showtime! Usher headlined the best 15-minute concert many are saying is the best halftime show in Super Bowl history, performing his greatest hits and

bringing out many of the famous friends he’s collaborated with over his expansive career. Viewers' senses were hit with Alicia Keyes looking amazing in red with a color-coordinated grand piano crooning their hit single “My Boo”. The Cirque de Soleil artistry was in full effect as a multitude of dancers and contortionists twisted their bodies to the music and the party was just getting started! R&B sensation H.E.R. gave us an electric guitar solo for the ages! We even saw Uncle Wyclef Jean out in his futuristic gear for his “OMG” cameo. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Mr. Raymond threw on his skates and Lil Jon was swimming through the crowd elevating the atmosphere and asking us all “Turn

Down For What!?”. It was an ATL takeover in the city of Las Vegas Nevada and it wouldn’t have been complete without Ludacris and Jermaine Dupree hoping on the stage to A Town stomp alongside their Atlantean brother!

The final score for the night was Chiefs 25, 49ers 22, but if you ask me. Atlanta culture was the real winner. To see so many talented melanated artists adorn one of the most watched stages and put on a show that people will be comparing to Super Bowl halftime shows to come, was a pleasure for myself and many others to witness. It almost made up for the Lions not making it to the final stage. Nah! No, it didn’t, but what a beautiful consolation prize. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the show I'm sure it is buzzing around your social media timelines, take a second to check it out and ride the high vibrational

wave of the Usher Raymond experience!

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