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Highlights and MOMENTS AT Bovtiqve FASHION WEEK Vol. VI 2023 in Manhattan, NYC.

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

It’s a wrap! Bovtique Fashion Week Vol. VI “The Dream Tour“ had one of its strongest showings in years, held in the fashion district of New York City this year. In pure New York style, the 5-day art and entertainment whirlwind events (Feb 22 – 26) started Day 1 with the “I Can Panel / BVFW Meet & Greet”. Day 2 was The BVFW TV and Gallery Auction at “The Foley Gallery”, and this day also featured the opening night party “The Svpper Clvb” at The Delancy. Day 3 was “The Penthouse Shows” at Stepping Out Studios. Day 4 was “The V Gala” at the Cathedral NYC, then they wrapped up with THE FLYEST BRUNCH EVER VOL II held at Negril Village NYC. Bovtiqve Fashion Week (Vol VI) was one of the most anticipated events in the fashion industry, showcasing the latest creations of some of the industry’s most talented independent designers and models. BVFW has been a major part of the Atlanta fashion calendar for over three years and this year it became an east coast lollapalooza!

BVFW highlights a partnership of independent fashion designers, boutique owners, merchandisers, producers, influencers, and models. Bovtiqve Fashion Week was created to establish a foundation of fashion and business trade, and increase the economic and creative development in the areas of fashion design, clothing, merchandising, event production, and modeling. BVFW is held twice a year during the months of February and September. By rotating cities for every edition, BVFW provides a major American city the platform to make a significant impression on a critical sector of the fashion industry. It also highlights a city's capacity to thrive within the growth of one of the most profitable industries in the world.

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