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The Far East Met the Dirty South for One Night Only with Jay Park at District Atlanta

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Once Again, the City of Atlanta has shown that Hip Hop is an international language, spreading far and Wide. Like a flip of the switch, a new influence has entered Atlanta's Nightlife scene.

For one night only, global sensation Jay Park brought a taste of the Far East to the Dirty South in honor of his Won Soju Vodka World Tour.

WON SOJU is a South Korean vodka brand that was launched in February 2022 by Hip-Hop artist Jay Park. In its initial release in Seol South Korea, the spirit sold-out of 20,000 bottles within the first week of its launch, four million bottles within half a year, and over six million at the end of year one, becoming the hottest brands in Korea. Atlanta was the fourth US city to welcome Won SoJu to the market.

The event blended Hip-Hop, Top 40 and K-pop Music together for a night of dancing and dynamism. The Global Entreprenuer and Artist worked with Atlanta Event Producer Hannah Kang of MusicBusinessPolitics, to ensure that his Guest and introduction to ATL was accepted with open arms.

Hosted by Fly Guy DC with sounds by DJ Zo & DJ Blue Tooth, guests enjoyed an exclusive tasting of WON SOJU and grazed on Korean Appetizers.

I predict that this K-Pop and Hip Hop Fusion of sound could potentially take over the city's existing club scene and nightlife. District Atlanta Located in Buckhead was draped in Asian inspired Décor beneath the constellation of 300 LED Orbs. The Crowd Partied and Drank the night away. Indulging in the Judgment Free Zone. Every now and again a familiar atlanta classic fragrance hit the air, giving the atmosphere a pleasant Euphoria.

Overall the Event was sheer innovation and Evolution to the Club and entertainment Scene that is way over due. The Event Planner Hannah Kang, becoming a legend in her own right. The Impact she has, been felt all over the city.

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