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Top 20 2019 Fall 2019 Fashion Trends, Sweaters and DEFINITELY top 5!

Da’Ja Cooksey (DAJ) ---  NOVEMBER, 2019


It’s Fall, the weather is changing, it’s a little cooler outside. It’s now time to wip out the good boots and a cardigan to keep yourself warm through the windy days. Except that cardigan isn’t only there to keep you warm, that sweater can make you look good! 


Sweaters are carrying this Fall, because of the versatility in them. There are so many different styles of sweaters ---- ponchos, shrugs, knits, cardigans AND MORE ---- It’s that time of the year where you can put on your favorite pair of pants and an amazing sweater and look BOMB. Your collection of sweaters should contain comfy, chunky knits in a of silhouettes, colors, and styles. 2019 is the year to jump out of your comfort zone with something more than just your basic black oversized crew—maybe a print or distress?


  1. Turtle Necks - They NEVER Go Out of Style

  • Want to up your look? Turtlenecks are a necessity, this Fall and every Fall to follow. You can never go wrong with a turtleneck and they are timeless in fashion. Youcan dress they up, or very casual.They can even be higher than just the simple “turtleneck” (crazy right?) You can get a high turtleneck! Super cozy and super cute.


2.CREWNECKS - amazing.

  • Crewnecks have changed the game. You need at least 2 or 3 crewnecks sweaters in your closet this year. They have so many style pluses that you can literally where them however you want. There are knit crew necks, graphic crewnecks, cotton crew necks -- you name it. Crewnecks can be business and laid back with a pair of grungy worn out Chuck’s or a point pair of Steve Madden pumps. Versatility at its finest.


3.The CARDIGAN - The Unforgettable

  • I don’t know about you and how you dress, but I know for a fact that in order to style successfully in the Fall, especially this Fall --- 2019 --- YOU NEED A CARDIGAN (or 500). Cardigans can take you a long way. Sometimes they add just enough personality and flare to your look that you were needing. Easily they can take any outfit from drab to fab. The many different cardigan styles make it so you never, ever --- ever-- have enough of them. They become somewhat of a collection (no? too much?) 


Now make sure you get out there and add these to your closet! They’re affordable to!. Hit up your local thrift store, Forever 21, and H&M i can guarantee you come out with --- something! Happy shopping, and Happy Fall!

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