Bobby V, recently appeared on TV One’s series Unsung. Where he opened up about his long career spanning from the 90s group Mista to his independent success. He showed his fans his family and how they keep him grounded and the hurdles he had to overcome in the music industry.


“I felt like I’ve had all these successes but still just a guy looking in at other people doing it the way I’m supposed to do it.” 


Bobby just released his brand new single “Reply” which fans are loving on YouTube, and are excited for the comeback. The new single, written by Bobby V and Christopher Newland, and produced by Bobby V and Lavish Musiq, is available now on all streaming platforms. He plans to drop his upcoming albums “The Appetizer” and “Sunday Dinner” later this year. 


Along with that he has launched his independent label Veltree Music Group which includes his artist Santos Silva. He is currently mapping out plans in preparation for his national tour. Keep up with Bobby V on Instagram @BobbyVShow to find out more about his upcoming shows and release dates.

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