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Just Hanging Around, Da' Partment: Cast & Press Event

Special Event With The Cast of Da' Partment at the Trap Museum

After I had parked in front of The Trap Music Museum, I sat in my car waiting on Q in the Parking lot. I wondered what this experience will be like. This being my first time visiting the Trap Museum, always heard about it! I was excited and nervous at the same Damn Time *Future Voice*.

Preparing for what’s to come next, Q arrives, and we walk towards the Front door. Approaching the entry, a Luxury Car occupied the Parking lot. Once we were checked by security, we walked through the gate to an array of Luxury cars. The Hip Hop inspired Museum had been transformed into Hybrid Event center with a full size bar and interactive installations representing a moment you would likely see in a Trap House.

The walls and displays covered with Different rappers, paying homage to the infamous and successful in the game. Once I Settled in the Pandemonium begun, but this was the good kind. The chaos where you just go with the flow, and energy and execute the mission. We set up Interview location in the Vault/Closet installation, a personal favorite, then started Interviewing some of the featured cast meme era. Nearly the Whole Cast of the movie was present. As Q and I slayed each interview like a dragon, We were rolling with the punches, and proudly stayed in the Ring All 12 Rounds.

Saving the best for Last I was honored to have the opportunity, Interviewing T.I. Having an Exclusive conversation with the Director of the Movie, giving exclusive insight.

Each Actor/Actress showed their unique personality and charism. Some being there first Act Gig, some that are Season Veterans collectively came together to create this Culture Gem. Showing the rawness of Atlanta but still capturing the essence of Humor really mixed beautifully. I feel this going to be slow burner but sustain its Viewership. Helping and Pathing Away for the it walks right into being a Huge a Cult Classic.

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