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Kings Dinner at Verdure Kitchen and Cocktails Reinforces The Bond Between Trap Muzik & Hennessy

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

When the Official Drink of Trappers decides it going to make its rarest blend available stateside, there will be a celebration. Maintaining years of Tradition, one of the first stops for Hennessy Pure White in the United States is Atlanta at a table with the legends of Trap Music.

On Monday Evening, Kings Dinner paid tribute to Hip Hop Royalty, celebrating 20 years of the Album Trap Muzik and its Most Significant Contributors at Verdure Kitchen and Cocktails. Honoring the a pioneer of Trap Music genre, T.I "TIP" Harris, was surrounded by producers, DJs and Rappers who have been apart of his Label, Grand Hustle, and his Sophomore album Trap Muzik.

National Hennessy Ambassador and Master Mixologist Mike Haze leads the dinner in a Toast ahead of the dinner service.

Hennessy Pure White has long been coveted by Americans, finding ways to bring the Rarely sold and Distrubuted, light-colored cognac from the islands of the Caribbean to the states.

Often misnomered as illegal in the states, the limited edition cognac is legal for Americans to partake in. Although Hennessy has never publicly stated why they do not produce more of the blend, for the last decade Hennessy Pure White has belonged to the Caribbean.

“If you see it get it you can, because it’s not here to stay long,” said National Hennessy Brand Ambassador master mixologist Mike Haze.

Born in the Caribbean, Hennessy Pure White originated from four crus with a dominance from the Fins Bois. Mirroring its Caribbean roots, one can notice the floral and fruity notes of the special edition of a Trap Muzik classic.

During The Guided Tasting Experience with National Hennessy Ambassador Michael “Mike Haze” Rentz, guests were able to try Hennessy Pure White with specialty cocktails like “The Side Hustle” a new spin on the classic Hennessy Side Car.

“There are over 3000 songs that mention Hennessy. It is the #1 most popular cognac,” the master mixologist added. “We are celebrating 20 years of trap music and 50 years of Hip Hop and Hennessy’s 25th anniversary. So tonight, amongst friends and family we’re going to enjoy it.

During the evening, the man of the hour, T.I “TIP” Harris joined by his Wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, thanked a long list with contributors , media a special announcement.

“Special thanks to the City of Atlanta and Phillana Williams. There are a lot of things I say no to, and you gotta say no to a lot of wrong things to say yes to the right one. “

Dressed for the occasion, T.I sported an all white Hideoki Bespoke Suit during Kings Dinner at Verdure Kitchen and Cocktails

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary his Sophomore Album (Trap Muzik) the city of Atlanta and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra will be showcasing the blend of woodwind, brass and string instruments with the heavy 808s of Trap Muzik.

“I don’t know the difference between a symphony and an orchestra but we gonna find out on December 29th,” said the Grand Hustle Founder.

Magazine Covers, Movie Premiers and Galas are just a normal Monday night for the Five Time Platinum Recording Artist and the Grand Hustle Label. However on Monday, it was a special occasion with legends like DJ Tump, Zaytoven, David Banner, Young Dro and more in the building.

“It was a great night celebrating the king, T.I being a pioneer of Trap Muzik and so many other names in the building,” said Event Producer and founder of the C&D The Agency, Dina Marto.

“We are 20 years in, We are building a legacy. We have something to say and we are here to stay.”

The Studio Owner and Musical Entreprenuer will have a lot to say on her work in the music industry in her first ever Cover Feature of In The City Magazine, predicted November 2023.

“I’m so excited and can’t wait to show everyone. Are you coming on November 16th?”

Check out the Gallery Below for exclusive images from the King's Dinner at Verdure Kitchen and Cocktails.


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