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Supporting Our Medical Professionals

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Medical Association Gale, Heritage fundraisers to support Medical students

Hosted By Dr. Priscilla Hubbard, The Medical Community of Color Celebrated Atlanta Medical Association with an all-white gala. Highlighting all the wonderful Successes they have created and contributed to the Fabric of Society. These Doctors, Nurses, and other Medical related individuals are the backbone of our actual Physical Existence. Keeping the World Healthy and Vigor to the best margin. Having Such an Immense Objective This Fundraiser focused on helping Medical Students and Interns to reach their, pentacle of Achievement. This is such a benefit helping the future doctors and RNs, which benefits the world. In such a time, the Quantity and Quality of Medical Professionals are Scares, and alarmingly low. We will always require teachers and Doctors and I was congenially happy to support such a Cause with The Elite Who’s Who of Atlanta.

The Guest showed up with Class and Elegant to the Alantucky Restaurants SW ATL. Furnishing a Tasty menu, to equipping the guest with choices of Classic and Specialty Cocktails. The Atmosphere was Beautiful and posh. Meeting and Seeing New and Familiar faces I received a sympathetic understanding of the journey and Challenges, Medical Professionals, especially of Color have a hard time reaching their Goals. This Fundraiser can help relieve the stress and pressures, which derive from pursuing such a passion. The Medical Community wore all white in support of the foundation. Beautiful Fashion Show charmed the crowd with an eccentric, Exotic, and stylish Collection.

It was a pleasure to see these hard-working professionals able to enjoy themselves for an important Reason. I even enjoyed the Healthwise choices of Alcohol. The Organic Tequila (Talero) for example had a list of health benefits. The Bar also consisted of Plush Vodka, and Greenwood Whiskey two other supreme choices. Overall the Event was Beautiful, Exclusive, sophisticated, and graceful. I was Exultant and ecstatic and enjoyed my time at the event. I had no problem supporting all our future Medical Professionals. We can’t live without them, so I am more than happy to support them!

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