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Vol.31 Cover Reveal ft. A.J. Dewberry #inthecity

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

What was the theme for In The City Magazine’s Vol. 31 Cover Release Party? Black Excellence! Last Sunday night we celebrated the innovator, mogul, and philanthropist A.J. Dewberry. If you weren’t there, you missed a true night to remember. The Future Dead Artists Art Gallery set the tone as of you can feel the souls of the artistry. The energy of the gallery was filled with excitement as Atlanta’s top movers & shakers started to arrive.

KDOT Entertainment complimented the space perfectly with the elegant tables decor, floating candles, specialty cocktails, and delicious food! I walked around the party with guy Jel’low interviewing the different entrepreneurs like wardrobe stylist and bridal extraordinaire, Famous Banks. Influencers like Qri, hosts of the popular “Questions With Qri,” to artists like MPR Richie Rich and Mo'Music artist Kelzhaunne. The event was filled with creatives alike who all wanted to celebrate the contributions of A.J Dewberry.

During the red carpet interviews, it seemed like all of the reporters kept asking the same question: “What are you most excited about tonight?” and ironically it was all the same answer; “Celebrate A.J. and NETWORK!” The man of the hour showed up in his custom orange spiked suit and you could see the joy on his face as he moved around the room greeting the people that came out to support this major accomplishment and his unwavering inspiration. I’ve learned when becoming a marketing, and media mogul that your network is definitely more important than your net worth, especially in today's time.

As we continued the night with a Q&A with A.J. and In The City Magazine’s very own NESH asked him to give insight on the journey of being a person that’s successful; his response was smooth and simple “The journey is the journey, you just have to KEEP GOING especially when times get hard.” We got a chance to hear a speech from his

nephew as well that spoke of how proud he was of A.J. and all of his accomplishments being how he has someone of substance to look up to. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! The reveal of In The City Magazine’s cover featuring A.J. Dewberry. As the curtain dropped you can hear the many gasps and “wow’s” in the room followed by applause and cheer. There stood A.J. in a colorful and beautifully decorated room with the New York sun shining through the window and him in an all white suit. It was breathtaking. The cover embodied everything that he stood for Money, Power & Respect!

I met so many amazing people who are just in the city trying to chase their dreams and out here really making it all happen, just like the designer @theunjaided who displayed chic looks in an amazing fashion show! I was just so honored to be apart it made me feel like all of my hard work was finally paying off. We ended the night with music and danced until they kicked us out… Everytime we’re In The City you know we’re bringing the vibes! If pictures could speak a thousand words, the room was definitely talking! Until next time - XOXO #MoInTheCity @justmojoperiod

Photographer: @BrandonMcKell

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