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"What a Girl Wants" Is T McDonald Cosmetics!

If you have yet to hear the name "T Mcdonald Cosmetics", let me catch you up to speed!

This black-woman owned vegan cosmetics brand was born in Bronx, NY and currently taking the fashion industry by storm with their runway sponsorships, prestigious product placement in the Confessional Showroom, and recently having their makeup line featured in a Vogue editorial.

I had a very conditioning conversation with the Founder & CEO Terry McDonald on her brand mission and aspirations:

"T Mcdonald Cosmetics addresses the need for women to be confident, beautiful, loved and healed by normalizing using beauty as an outlet for self-awareness,maintaining our mental health and of course,when we look good we feel good!

It is easy for us to dress nicely, smell good and put some makeup on to show up for ourselves on a day to day, but true beauty lies in making a conscious decision to align our inner beauty……to look ourselves in the mirror, come face to face with the parts of ourselves that we may need to nurture and discover parts of ourselves that we absolutely love.

There is true beauty in embracing our divinity and power that we all have within to actively pursue our purpose. My brand was created with this journey in mind. With clean beauty products that were intentionally crafted to serve as affirmations of who we are as women and embody that energy to build and maintain the momentum of evolving."

How do you balance your responsibilities as a mother & an entrepreneur?

"As a business woman,single mother and teacher… I must say that it is challenging to create a set work/life balance that supports my goals.

I place God at the front and center of my life at all times. I pray about every decision I choose to make, whether it is on a professional or personal level because I know the choices I make have the ability to impact my world in either a positive or negative way.

I am constantly reinventing schedules and routines that not only support my goals but my children's goals as well. What has been working for me lately, is involving my children in building my business.

I designate time for work/study together. As I am working, my children are also working, whether it's homework, arts and crafts or studying for an exam.

Another way I incorporate my children in pursuing my goals is knowing the gifts and talents that my children possess and giving them the space to nurture these gifts through my business.

For instance, my daughter is very tech savvy and has assisted me with pretty much all my tech related issues. My son is really good at counting and often assists with inventory and ensuring I have enough products. These are just one of the many ways that I involve my children in my goals.

I believe that it is important for me to have a level of transparency with my children in a way that their little hearts understand as I work towards building my business.

It provides a level of clarity to my children as to what it is that I am working towards, how hard I have to work, my character and lastly that ANYTHING is possible!

There will come a time when our children will grow old enough to see who their parents really are. I always keep in mind my children are watching my every move and because of that, I do my very best to operate with kindness,grace and integrity."

What are some of the most fulfilling parts of your business for you?

"Aside from creating captivating looks, it brings me great fulfillment to connect with my clients and provide insight on any beauty related questions they may have, sometimes even on a personal level.

I am a teacher at heart, so it is a natural habit for me to provide my clients with a beauty tip or two during their makeup appointment. It also brings me fulfillment to connect and collaborate with other creatives and provide opportunities for the youth in the fashion and beauty industry."

How was it this past season sponsoring so many of the independent fashion shows happening around NYC?

"My experience sponsoring independent NYFW shows was a learning experience.

With each show that I sponsored, I ensured that I would provide the best experience for the beauty aspect. With my amazing team of beauty professionals, we have consistently created a positive and professional beauty experience.

When evaluating opportunities, I have to be able to connect with the individual on a business level and the opportunity would have to align with my brand's mission in one way or another.

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks, doing the work, controlling what you can control and praying the rest will work itself out."

Tune into the brand and their upcoming moves @TMcDonaldCosmetics !

It has personally been my pleasure to be a brand ambassador for this amazing brand for the last 3 years, and I absolutely cannot wait to see how far T Mcdonald Cosmetics will go!

Author: Jewelz Lopez @_Jewelz.Alize

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